Reddit FreebootingBot

In order to credit original Content Creators and to provide a content source for other possibly interested redditors, you can now call our reddit FreebootingBot with a youtube video URL in a submission's comment.

Our bot will then fetch the video as well as the Content Creator's channel info.

Why is this any useful?

Many times, there are gif or clipped-video submissions by redditors without any credit given to the original Content Creator.

Now when this happens, if a viewing redditor knows the content's source, he/she can help give credit where it's due!

It also lets other redditors know where to find similar content.

How to use FreebootingBot services?

Scenario 1 - Regular Report:

You know the youtube video where that piece of content is from and would like to credit the creator and let others know.

How to use:
Within your comment include: /u/FreebootingBot + [youtube video URL].
/u/FreebootingBot the original content is

Scenario 2 - Proxy Report:

You see a redditor's comment that already references the original video URL and would like to commend that kind person and further inform others about the Content Creator's video and channel.

How to use:
Within your reply to that redditor's comment simply include: /u/FreebootingBot