Why we made Freebooting.me

We love to consume new content (high quality one!) and we think that people should be rewarded for making it. That's sometimes the only way content creators can make a living and keep doing more and better content.

Content creators have a lot of followers and not always can be contacted by them in a fast way. Freebooting is a reality and we want to do something about it. So, we created Freebooting.me in order to provide a channel to contact content creators quickly.

How it works?

For Content Consumers:

1. When you come across content that you suspect of being freebooted, report the link on Freebooting.me.

2. We will manually validate the report to avoid spam and will contact the content's creator.

3. The content will (if all goes well) get removed from the social media platform.

For Content Creators:

1. Register on Freebooting.me (not yet available!) and add our email [email protected] to your VIP contact's list, so our messages always come out on top of your inbox.

2. We will send you the suspected reported freebooting content link.


We have many ideas to help content creators even more but we need to focus on spreading the word about Freebooting.me first.

  • Identify Problems

  • Design Solutions

  • Develop

“Spread the word about freebooting.me and help your fans helping you. Give them tools to reach you.”